• Almanzo Peel

Top Tip #3

With most of the worlds population working from home during these unprecedented times, we spend a lot of our time sitting down at our home work station. This is prime location for germs to grow and therefore come in contact with you. We recommend cleaning your workspace every day to help keep germs at bay. We offer a wide range of sanitising products in our shop that work perfect for sanitising your space. Our 20 packs of 50ml sanitiser are a great option to keep on your desk and also provide to staff for when we get back to work to continue cleaning their workspaces.

As part of this, we also advise on keeping an uncluttered desk, try to keep files, paperwork and personal items to a minimum, this will reduce space for germs to grow and linger but also make it a lot easier to clean more effectively at the end of the day.

Hopefully this was a useful tip, and as always, Stay Safe! 😊


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