• Almanzo Peel

Introducing Ramsol

It's Here! Ramsol is now available to buy from Hy! Hygiene. It's an extremely efficient and effective sanitising spray which will help to prepare your office environment for being returned to and ensure every surface is perfectly sanitised.

Watch the video below to see Ramsol in use:

Ramsol can be used to sanitise a wide range of products and surfaces, it comes in a 22l canister with spray head and hose for large sanitising operations such as entire offices or machinery. This makes the process quick and effective. To help you get started we have introduce the Ramsol Starter Kit, including everything you need to get started with this product and successfully sanitise your office space, factories, canteens or machinery and vehicles.

Ramsol can also be purchased in 500ml aerosol spray cans for smaller operations and are handy for keeping around the office to help keep up with sanitising regularly to control the spread of germs. Use this on small machinery, office appliances and key touch-points such as handles and handrails. Check out our offer on the 500ml 12 Pack.

We are extremely excited to launch this product to help you ensure your workspace or factory is fully sanitised and reduce the risk of germs spreading when we return to work. If you would like any more information on this product please get in touch, we'll be happy to help.


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