• Almanzo Peel

Hy! Hygiene Top Tips

As part of a constant endeavor to help keep people safe during and after Covid-19, we want to keep you updated and provide you with as much helpful information as we can so you can stay safe during these unprecedented times.

So we're introducing TopTips! A range of simple but effective tips and ideas to help you stay safe and well through Covid-19.

Let's kick off with Tip #1:

It may seem simple and obvious, but it is important to clean and sanitise your personal technology regularly. The typical mobile phone carries over 25,000 bacteria per square inch, that’s more than a kitchen worktop, or a door handle! so use wipes and water to clean your devices at the beginning of the day in order to reduce the risk of catching or transferring germs.

We hope you enjoy these quick tips and we look forward to keeping you updated in the future.

Thank you and stay safe! 😊


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