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With the announcement of car showrooms throughout the UK being able to open on June 1st, there are a number of keys steps that employers, employees and consumers should take in order to keep these spaces safe and prevent the spread of Covid-19 now and into the future, especially with the high risk of germs potentially spreading through test vehicles and reception areas.

We've taken a look at a recent post by Car Dealer Magazine which covers the key steps that should be taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus and other viruses in car showrooms.

The key important points to consider are:

  • Those who can still work from home should continue to do so

  • Assess risks in consultation with workers

  • Manage the risk of transmission if two-metre distancing is impossible, eg, with shift patterns

  • Mark out walkways to maintain social distancing - We have a wide range of floor stickers to choose from to help with social distancing and traffic flow.

  • One-way systems should be introduced, with an entry and exit

  • Handshakes and elbow bumping to be avoided

  • All vehicles in the showroom and the forecourt should remain locked

  • Screens to protect staff should be considered in customer interaction points - View our range of protective acrylic screens here.

  • Desks should be placed two metres apart

  • Refreshments should not be served to customers

  • Magazines, brochures and vending machines should be removed

  • Halt other complimentary services such as children’s play areas

  • Hand sanitisation points should be implemented - We offer a range of different sanitising dispenser solutions

  • Cars need to be disinfected regularly - Check out our Ramsol range, the perfect solution for large sanitising operations.

  • Set up protocols for deliveries

  • Recommend appointments for sales and aftersales (with flexibility for emergencies)

  • Use electronic payments and digital signatures

Read the full Car Dealer Magazine post here.

If you are looking for products for your showroom to help meet the above requirements, visit our shop using the links below:

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