• Simon McMullan

Boosting Hygiene in the office

Hygiene in the workplace has changed drastically in the early months of 2020 with the advent of the Covid 19 pandemic – and with most of the workforce still working from home where possible, unless they are classed as ‘essential workers’., many business owners, leaders and facilities teams are preparing for the return to work and what will need to be implemented to keep staff safe and healthy. We have listed out 2 points for you to consider below:

Sanitise, Sanitise, Sanitise

All the time – we have to keep this up, washing our hands with soap and water, providing easily accessible Hand Sanitisation Stations for staff, Dispensers for visitors and even Personal Hand Sanitisers for our staff to carry with them. Before we return to work, consider the benefits of having a deep clean and sanitisation carried out on your workplace to limit the spread of germs from the first day.


There are so many areas within the workplace that we touch and have the potential to pick up germs. Make sure your deep clean covers all of these – including door handles, work surfaces, toilets and common spaces – and have a ruthless maintenance programme to keep these clean at all times. Other measures that could be taken is to ensure a clear desk policy, this reduces the chance of germs lingering and also makes it easier for the space to be regularly cleaned without coming in contact with the users’ personal items and equipment. It is also important to empty waste bins more often to ensure any germs are disposed of in quick time and have fewer chances of spreading.

At Hy! Hygiene, we are working hard to find solutions to the new problems that we are facing in the Covid 19 world. We can only offer better products and services as we hear from you and what you are experiencing in your day to day life. So – please, reach out to us – we’d love to hear how you are coping and what ideas you have to make our workspace’s more hygienic.


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